Learn about Pachamama Alliance educational programs and local Communities, and the opportunities available when you join a global network of local groups committed to personal and social transformation.


Join this 1-Hour Call and:

  • Learn about the origins of Pachamama Alliance and the “call” from the rainforest
  • Learn about the roles of the different programs of the Up to Us engagement pathway in supporting the mission of Pachamama Alliance to bring forth a thriving, just, and sustainable future for all
  • Discover the benefits available to you when you join or start a Pachamama Alliance Community
  • Find answers to any questions about the offerings of Pachamama Alliance

The Benefits of Joining a Pachamama Alliance Community

As part of a Pachamama Alliance Community, you will experience energy and fulfillment from working on a local team and achieving tangible results in a worldwide network of like-minded people.

  • Connect with people locally and globally who are committed to a worldview that honors and sustains life.
  • Empower yourself and your Community using an organizing model designed to engage and encourage everyone's unique talents.
  • Act locally to concretely impact big issues as part of a far-reaching network.
  • Amplify your work by using transformative educational programs to bring new people into your Community.