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We can reverse global warming

The first step is learning that it is possible. Discover how in this 90 minute, free online course.

Dive Into 80 Global Warming Solutions

Discover a solutions-oriented approach, one with a sense of opportunity, possibility, and hope for the future.

Food Waste

Reduced Food Waste

70.53 Gigatons Reduced CO2

Ranking by 2050


The Solutions Surround Us

Project Drawdown, an international coalition of more than 200 researchers and other experts, identified and modeled the 80 most substantive, already existing solutions for addressing global warming.

Solutions, Not Proverbs

Go beyond typical solutions to Global Warming like, “Change the car you drive”, “Consume less”, or “Recycle”.

Engage with eye-opening, surprising, and well documented solutions that collectively demonstrate a viable path to addressing climate change.

Educating Girls

Educating Girls

51.48 Gigatons Reduced CO2

Ranking by 2050


Rooftop Solar

Rooftop Solar

24.6 Gigatons Reduced CO2

Ranking by 2050


Find Your Unique Role

Turn your passion into lasting sustainability. Engage with solutions that inspire you and affect change in your personal life, in your relationships, and in your community.

Drawdown Makes it Possible

Together, these 80 solutions can reverse global warming through a process called Drawdown, removing more carbon from the atmosphere than we put in.


“Drawdown is the point in time when greenhouse gases peak and begin to decline on a year-to-year-basis.”

What People Are Saying

Thousands of people have participated in Pachamama Alliance’s Drawdown workshops all over the world. Here is what just a few of them have to say about the program.


This Is Only the Beginning

The course is an introduction to a community and suite of possibilities to dive deeper into reversing global warming.

Powerful Support Network

Powerful Support Network

Get the support you need from the Pachamama Alliance team and community in order to be a leader in this movement.

Powerful Support Network

Spread the Message

Share what you’ve learned with your network and inspire them to get involved.

Powerful Support Network

Additional Trainings

Go deeper with additional courses and content designed to promote action in your local community.

Powerful Support Network

Find Your Tribe

Connect and collaborate with passionate people who are excited about the same climate solutions.

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