These unprecedented times call for greatness,
for people with heart and vision to stand up and take action.

People like you!


How, in these particular times, do we find reason for hope and optimism?


What impact can any of us truly make on the world?

Stand Up for the Climate in September

This September, the Pachamama Alliance global community, in conjunction with the People's Climate March, the Global Climate Summit, New York Climate Week is organizing a month of inspiration and coordinated action.

For 30 days, hundreds of people around the world will use the programs of Pachamama Alliance to create spaces for heartfelt and meaningful discussions that shift the collective conversation around global warming and how to be in action to have the world work for everyone.

You can bring a message of hope, possibility, and action to any school, business, organization, or group in your community. The Pachamama Alliance and leaders in the global community stand ready to support you to create a September to remember!


How does it work?

Spread the message of hope - bring one of Pachamama Alliance’s dynamic programs to your community this September. Get trained up in just a few hours to be ready to deliver either one of these effective transformational programs.

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If not you, who?  If not now, when?


Stand up in September! 

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