Time of the Black Jaguar E-guide

Ceremonial leader, author, and Pachamama Alliance friend and advisor, Arkan Lushwala, focuses on teaching others practices that can restore balance to the planet in this four-chapter excerpt from his book, The Time of the Black Jaguar.

Download the full e-guide and:

  • Explore how we as a society have been lead to identify ourselves with our destructive side, and how ancient wisdom can give us a different perspective.
  • Discover the concept of Tribal Economy—an economy rooted in the simple recognition of that which works in favor of living well and healthy—all together on this planet.
  • Learn why Sages of many indigenous and other ancestral nations of the world say that we are now at the end of a very long cycle: the complete cycle of our present humanity—a time for renewal where the Spirit of Black Jaguar rules.
  • Understand why developing the “sense of the common good” is extremely useful and necessary in this time of renewal.